Lighthouse Hall

Earth Day Challenge!

Earth day is on April 22 and what a great time of year to be celebrating our precious Earth! Have you ever thought about ways to help our planet? Sometimes that can feel like a big task, but really there are some simple challenges you can do right at home or in your community.

Welcome to the 2022 Lighthouse Recreation Earth Day challenge. Here we’ll share some tips that you can use to better your Earth. And of course, what’s a challenge with out a prize and bragging rights! Make sure to let us know how you did your part to help our Earth for a chance to win an ECO-friendly prize from Streamside Native Plants. Email pictures and stories to

  1. Rethink the way you recycle. Have you ever wondered where your recycling goes once it’s in the blue bin, or asked yourself if there was anymore you could recycle? The Regional District of Nanaimo has a comprehensive web page set up to help answer these questions.
  2. Have you ever looked at an old item laying around in the garage and thought, “I need to chuck that” STOP! Think upcycling! Sometimes your old junk can be saved from the landfill and given a new life as living art! Try turning that old toolbox or sink into a planter box or save those worn out boats for a fun door side flower arrangement. Get creative and be sure to send us pictures. Don’t have any old junk, check out the upcycled creations at Lighthouse Feed and Garden. All the proceed from these sales go to the hot lunch program at Bowser Elementary.
  3. Become a trail steward. How cool is it that we all share a backyard of beautiful nature trails and oceanfront beaches. We take the time to clean up our personal backyards, why not take a little time picking up garbage from our community back yards. Let Lighthouse Recreation know what trail, park, or beach you stewarded and send pictures of the junk you collected.