Lighthouse Hall

Family Recreation


Henry Morgan Park pump track redo

Located in Bowser, this natural park has a swing, slide, shelter, and basketball hoop all while being surrounded by natural elements like landscaped grasses, stone, chip, grass, and forest. It also has a pump track! A pump track is a circuit of rollers and banked corners specific for bikes. The idea is to make it around the circuit with minimal pedaling or breaking. This is an accessible feature that can be used by both tots on balance bikes, the grand folks taking care of them, and everyone in between. In October, Lighthouse Recreation teamed up with the RDN to rebuild the ailing track. Thanks to volunteer muscle, donated material from Grumbach pit, and RDN machine work, the track was re-worked. The new pump track will be flowy and fun, but as it’s the winter, the track is also wet and soft. Further volunteer work is needed to make this track safe. Stay tuned to find out when.