Lighthouse Hall

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

Queen said it best when describing how we feel, almost everyday. But lets switch the lyrics up a bit. How about, we want you to experience the joy of riding a bicycle. Ok that did not rhyme, or flow the way we thought it would, but that’s besides the point. Listening to Queen brings joy and riding bikes brings joy. Again, a bit off topic, but we’re just so excited! You see Lighthouse Rec just got their hands on 6 brand new bikes for use in our upcoming programming! These bikes are purpose built mountain bikes with knobby tires, gears, disc brakes, and front suspension. These bikes are made for our trails and the bike park. We have bikes that will fit kids aged 5-teen ish. Most importantly, these bikes will be available for you, the community to use.

We have big plans for 2024, and those include our spring and summer camps along with a variety of bike related programming that will happen at the park. So whether you don’t have a bike, or your grandkids are visiting and want to try out the park, we’ll be around and dedicated to helping youth experience the joy of biking.

A big shout out to everyone who helped make this happen. Especially our friends at Marin bikes for creating some affordable, quality, and capable options for bikes, and to our friends at Coal City Cycles for helping us get our hands on the bikes and helmets.

Check out the Marin bikes here, and see what’s up at Coal City Cycles here.