Lighthouse Hall


Summer Break Camp Success!

A full load of kids from age 5-11 enjoyed our week long Summer Break camp. Led by Andrea Locke, these kids enjoyed activities ranging from open gym space in the Hall to Bike Park sessions and coaching. They rode the local trails, learned outdoor skills, and participated in meaningful art projects with our friends at the Doighouse Learning Center. To top it all off, the kids took a walk for a much deserved treat at the Cone Zone followed by …

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Sounds of the Lions Bike Park

How Do You Describe a Sound? If I say “thwok” does it instill images of a crisp yellow tennis ball slicing across a blue court ? If I say “braap” does it stir up excitement from the moto crowd envisioning a quick flick of the right wrist fueling a hungry engine, as they speed fearlessly through the passing trees? How do you describe the sound of silence in sport? Sitting up on the ramp at the new Lions Bike Park, …

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Summer Solstice re -read

Summer Solstice in Bowser will be on June 21, 2023. This marks the longest day of the year with sunrise at 5:12am and sunset at 9:27pm. This is 16 hours and 15 minutes of usable daylight to pack in all sorts of wonderful activities. Below is an account of the day from 2021 that may spark some ideas. How will you be spending the longest day of the year? Longest Day 160F water is being pushed through a hastily packed …

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Coburn Trail Tune Up a Success!

On May 5, it was raining so hard, I got wet down to my base layers. I was standing mid-way through the trail with Jack, wondering why either of us would want to be out there getting soaked in the first place. The rain eventually let up, I know because I was on this particular trail for close to 12 hours on that rain May 5th. But I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s take a step back. The day …

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Coburn Road Trail Work Party

Coburn Road Trail Tune Up Have you ever been walking along a trail and randomly tripped over a root that pops up out of nowhere? I have, and let me tell you, it hurts! Falling on the trail is always quickly followed by a full investigation of the scene, backtracking the last few steps, re walking the area, and trying to discover what it was that caught you off guard bringing you to your hands and knees on the forest …

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